WARNING: This game contains elements that may trigger photosensitivity, nausea, or other adverse reactions in some individuals.
The audio/visual quality will drastically vary throughout the game.
This game contains references to gambling and drug use/addiction.

A game about an impressionable teen who regrets their decisions and in the fire of their consequences feverishly dreams about the events that led them to this point... 

A game about addiction, gambling, and love, written in Rust with the Bevy Game Engine for Bevy Jam #3. The theme was Side Effects, and this game deals with the side effects of drugs on your body and your life.

Assets may take a short while to load on the web version so please be patient! Best results when waiting a few seconds before pressing begin on each level otherwise the game may freeze.


Controls are mostly explained in game.

0-9 to set volume.
M to mute.
P to pause while in game.
Progress is saved at the end of each level.

For superior performance we recommend downloading the appropriate build for your platform!

There is a small chance that the game may freeze/crash, but in this case you should be able to refresh the page and load your save file.
There is also a chance that the game may crash if you make a certain wrong decision in life, this may or may not be intentional to emphasis the risks involved in making these decisions.

Some users have reported issues with GPU drivers needing updated or having to allow cookies, but if you run into any other problems then let us know in the comments and we'll try to help!

Full source code available at: https://github.com/SoysCodingCafe/a_high_stakes_affair


SoysCodingCafe - Lead Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, Master of Spaghetti, Carrier of Projects
IQuick143 - Code Quality Advisor & Refactor Monkey, Bevy Systems Engineer, VFX Engineering Mad Genius (Test Results Pending), Manipulator of Git Timelines, The Shader of Shades, Junior Senior Programmer Tin Jazz Rockstar Developer, Person Writing The Credits.
Cereal - Music Composer, Ghostwriter, Intro and Outro Director, Choreographer and Producer and Sound Designer 
hannahdragneel - pixel art sprite designer
Ogelnac - Character Artist/Background/Menu designer
featuring: Main Character Slang as Himself, but more 80s

You can find more of Cereal's work at their Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/spilledcereals


a_high_stakes_affair_linux_1.0.zip 48 MB
a_high_stakes_affair_windows_1.0.zip 43 MB
a_high_stakes_affair_macos_1.0.dmg 47 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip archive into a new folder and run the executable.