The low hum of chanting resonates through the air as the morning mists dissipate through the trees like dispelled spirits. You watch over all from atop your cloud, berry in hand, ready to provide vital sustenance to those you deem worthy. Shall you be a benevolent god and provide for your worshippers? Or shall you find ways to torture and torment them? Only you can decide in...


Berrain is a god-sim game where you have control over who lives and who starves. Listen to your worshippers' demands or ignore their pleas, the choice is yours. However, you may want to ask yourself how you would like to be treated if your roles were reversed...


A/D - Move left/right.

Left Click/Spacebar - Drop a berry.

Right Click/F - Speed up time.

0-9/M - Change volume/mute the game.

I ran out of time to implement a reset so just refresh the page/restart the game, sorry!

Detailed Gameplay Explanation

I recommend playing the game at least once before reading this section! This will spoil certain mechanics which I hope are easy enough to work out, but if you are struggling/confused then read on!

You start as the green entity on the cloud, the current Bergod (berry god :P ), but every new day at dawn you trade places with one of your worshippers. Worshippers will slowly fade to white as they get hungrier, and can hold a maximum of two berries at a time. Any time a worshipper touches the berry shrine to the left of the screen, the current Bergod regains a berry. 

As Bergod your goal is to keep all your worshippers alive, though they will move faster as they get hungrier and panic, allowing you to generate berries faster. If all your worshippers die, or you starve as one of them, it's game over. As a worshipper you must balance your time between collecting berries and worshipping at the shrine.

Berries that land on the ground become bushes which grow new berries to be collected after a short delay. You can also drop berries in the volcano which angers the worshippers, giving them a slight speed increase! A worshipper will eat a berry even if they aren't particularly hungry, so it is better to wait until they start to fade.

When a worshipper takes your place they will dispense any remaining berries you had, but when you return to take your place as Bergod then you will be given 5 berries (so you aren't stuck with nothing). I didn't have enough time to implement a better Bergod AI so they currently just throw out berries as fast as possible!


Download 10 MB
bevy_berrain_mac.dmg 13 MB
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