They come from beyond our universe, and they feed on our stars. Do you have what it takes to defend our constellations? Get strapped into your ximech, grab your trusty xiblade and xiblaster, and keep us safe!

Submission to GBJam 11.


KeyboardGameboy EquivalentFunction
Arrow Keys or WASDD-PadMenu Navigation / Movement
X or JAAdvance Menu / Xiblade Slash Attack
C or KBReturn Menu / Xiblaster Shoot Attack
V or LStartPause Game
B or SemicolonSelectCycle Palettes

Known Issues

The web build can take some time to load so please be patient! Due to this, some of the sound effects come at a slight delay. If you are experiencing issues then please let me know in the comments, or try the downloadable version for your platform. Only the Windows and Linux builds have been tested but they should run a lot smoother than the web version.

Dev Notes

This game is made in Rust using the Bevy game engine, and the source code is available on my Github at:

All the art and writing in the game were done by me using Aseprite, and the palette swapping is handled by a WGSL shader I wrote.

All the music and sound effects were done by me using LMMS, specifically using the FreeBoy and sfxr built-in plugins.

If you are curious about how I achieved any effects or are confused by the code then don't hesitate to get in touch!


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constellation_defenders_apple_silicon.dmg 15 MB 17 MB
constellation_defenders_mac_intel.dmg 15 MB 12 MB

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