This is a remake of the game jam version of Mole Rancher released one year later as a way to show personal growth in using the game engine Bevy in the Rust programming language. 

Step into the boots of an intern at the Mole Ranch, a place where molecules are combined to solve a variety of puzzles.

Currently the game only has 6 levels which act as a tutorial to the various mechanics, however, more levels will be added in future updates.

The source code for the game is available on Github.

Known Issues

It is highly recommended to download the version for your platform as the web version currently has a few bugs. If the game fails to load then ensure you have cookies enabled and refresh the page. If the reactor viewport seems too small then sometimes toggling fullscreen on and off (press F twice) can fix this, however, fullscreen can also sometimes make the buttons not line up. Also, assets may take some time to load in on the web version so if you do play it then please be patient! 

Let me know if you find any bugs, either in the comments or at, and I will do my best to fix them.


Most of the controls are explained in the game, and require a mouse and keyboard.

Left Click - Interact/Select Chamber/Select Molecule

Right Click - Move camera

Middle Click - Track molecule

Spacebar - Launch a single molecule

W - Continuously launch molecules

A/D - Move launcher left and right

Q/E - Rotate the launcher

Hold Shift - Move/rotate the launcher faster

F - Toggle fullscreen

Dev Team

SoysCodingCafe - Lead Programmer, Designer, Manager, and Producer.

Ogelnac - Lead Artist and Audio Engineer.

IQuick143 - Programmer, Quality Assurance, and Playtester.

Special Thanks To

Bevy Team - Game Engine and Game Jam Opportunity.

Bevy Discord Community - Continual Source of Inspiration and Guidance.

LogicProjects - Bevy Tutorials and Guidance.

Jacques-dev - Learn Bevy Tutorial Series.


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