A detective game about the complications of working for a LOT of legal entities.

Created in the overlap of Bevy Jam 4 - "That's a LOT of entities" and The Case of the Thinky Game Jam.


Help is provided in-game by hovering your cursor over the "?" button, but a summary of the main controls is provided below.

Left click and drag to move tiles.

Right click, or right click and drag, on colored tacks to draw threads to other tacks.

Hold shift and right click on a tack at the end of a thread to remove it.

Hover your mouse over the case files on the bottom right to see details about each crime.

Connect the victims to the suspects via the correct evidence to solve the case!

When you are confident you have all the clues connected, press the "Solve!" button to check your answers. If you get it wrong you must check the case files again to continue, and if you are correct then you can navigate to other levels using the arrows in the top right, though all levels are freely available from the start if you get stuck.

Background music and sound effects can be muted using the buttons on the right.

Known Issues

There have been reports of right click not working on the Wasm and Linux builds, but ensure that you are right clicking on a colored tack (initially on the Victim images) and connecting tacks outwards from there.

There are only three levels, but more will be added post-jam.

It is recommended to play the game fullscreen as this will prevent visual glitches in the text caused by low resolution.

Also, it is sometimes possible to cross threads of different colors without it flagging as a collision, but please be honest and try not to. The puzzles aren't that difficult once you try!

Only the Wasm and Window builds have been tested, so if you run into any issues then please let me know!


SoysCodingCafe - Lead Programmer

Ogelnac - Lead Art Designer and Assistant Programmer

IQuick143 - Chief Mathematical Consultant

Cereal - Lead Music Designer

Source Code

Source code available here!


no_loose_threads_linux.zip 26 MB
no_loose_threads_windows.zip 19 MB
no_loose_threads_apple_silicon.dmg 23 MB
no_loose_threads_intel.dmg 24 MB


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Cool mix between figuring the different elements for each victim and the spatial puzzle it creates.

Seemed like a really cool concept. Unfortunately, neither the WASM or Linux build had a working right-click action. (I'm running firefox, if it matters.)

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that! Since I could only test on Windows I had no idea about this issue until after submissions closed. I will be looking into finding a solution for the post-jam version. Thank you for checking it out regardless!