Space Batter

A game about two astronauts passing the time while trapped aboard a space station, made in the Bevy game engine for Ludum Dare 54. I only had 6 hours to work on this, but wanted to submit something since I always seem to be busy during the jam period, so I just made something quick and simple. 

You can find the Ludum Dare 54 game page here!


Spacebar to swing your bat, P to change the color palette, and Esc to quit. Every hit is a home run in space, but three strikes and you're out!


Knowing my time restrictions and my tendency to overscope, my first idea when seeing the theme "Limited Space" was to limit myself to making a game that only uses the space bar. Building on that, I thought it would be a nice addition to have it set in space, where the characters are trapped aboard a space station and are just looking for ways to kill time, and so are limited in the available space they have but also are literally in space.


space_batter_apple_silicon.dmg 12 MB
Download 14 MB
space_batter_mac_intel.dmg 11 MB
Download 9 MB

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